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My two youngest daughters were building sandcastles the other night.

How Conflict Makes Us (& Others) Better.

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Years ago, I remember visiting the beautiful park in sunny Southern California that my wife and I were married at nearly 22 years ago…

…who exactly 50yrs ago today, helped launch the Apollo 11 rocket to the moon!

ALL ARE WELCOMED TO ATTEND this rare, unforgettable opportunity.

…and help yourself to some amazing, exclusive perks!

On June 6, 2015, I set out to create a UX podcast like no other that would dive deep into the minds, attitudes, behaviors and habits of the design superheroes who are shaping (and/or have shaped) the medium as we know it, in order to inspire and equip you to…

I’ve been watching Mr. Robot, and at the end of episode 5 (I believe), Elliott the main character says something really profound that I wanted to hold onto. He said:

How I’ve made 20yrs of marriage, 6 kids, 5yrs at same job, and 3yrs of successful podcasting work.

Our machines are only as good as what we feed them

I drew this picture over three years ago when I thought it would be sustainable to draw a picture for every article I wrote. Now it’s being repurposed. Thanks for reading, and sorry you can’t have that time back!

It seems like for as long as robots have appeared on the scene, there’s been a fear of a dystopian future where robots–the loyal, promised servants to mankind, would one-day gain their own consciousness, and rise up to possibly destroy us.

…and yours.

Jason Ogle

Host of @UserDefenders podcast. Human. Designer. Story-Catcher. Deep-Diver. Husband + Father x 7. Has a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe.

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