Netflix hates my kids.

…and yours.

Jason Ogle
6 min readAug 2, 2018


NSFW WARNING: Many may find the imagery contained in this article to be offensive, and potential trigger material if you have challenges with sex addiction. Then again, the sad irony behind that statement, is everything you see below is content that your kids (and mine) can currently already see on Netflix.

Today is the last day of my Netflix membership.

Remind me later…after you’ve addressed my concerns.

My co-workers were aghast when I told them we were canceling.

The very understandable reaction was, “How can you live without it??”

As a historically huge Netflix enthusiast, I’ll be honest, I’m still grappling with this question and coming to terms with this decision.

The reality is, Netflix hates my kids, and until they start loving…even showing them a modicum of consideration, I may be willing to return.

So now for the why. What’s the problem you’re no doubt wondering?

Why do I feel like they hate my kids…and yours (they’re equal-opportunity offenders)?

Here’s 13 Minus 10 Reasons Why I’m Canceling:

Reason 1 — Netflix is Being Investigated for Offering What is Being Described as Outright Child Porn

Here are some screenshots of the scene in question (from the foreign-film “Desire”) where the little 9yo girl is experimenting sexually/masturbating by playing horse on a pillow and ultimately experiencing her first orgasm.

Reason 2: No Parental Control Password Required for Parent Profiles (Gather Round Kids & Peep Softcore Porn Movie Covers!)

Here’s a sampling of actual Netflix movie covers that show a smorgasbord of the petri dish that’s available for yours or your little ones viewing pleasures.

Here’s some suggestions for you…or your kids…we don’t give a sh*t either way!

Even though Netflix has parental controls available for movie titles (+1 for Netflix), our little ones can get into our adult profiles without having to use the parental control password.

Great design Netflix!

It’d probably take 30m for one of your engineers to apply the existing parental control password functionality to individual user profiles.

Reason 3— No Disabling of Autoplay Trailers (Many Show Crude Content)

Imagine every time you (or your kids) fire up Netflix during the month of July being greeted with a hero-sized auto-play trailer complete with audio + subtitles broadcasting this:

Girl: You’ve never gone skinny-dipping??

Boy: “I’m very insecure.”

Girl: “That’s it, we’re going…right now!”

[Boy gets naked]

Girl: “Ben, There’s an acorn caught in your pubes.”

Boy: “Shut up!”

Girl: “I said skinny-dipping, not mini-dipping.”

Here’s the trailer in full technicolor. Just like the movie “Desire” mentioned in Reason 1, Netflix doesn’t waste anytime getting to the nasty, quick as possible.

Netflix: Streaming Service of the Year!

This just in (and added after original publishing)! I was on Facebook just scrolling through my feed, and this Netflix Original smut backhands me in the face, full captions blazing!

If I had walked away for a minute and one of my kids happened to scroll my feed, this is exactly what they would encounter.

Stay classy Netflixxx!

I know…no words.

See the trailer with audio below…if you dare. Netflixxx could give a crap about how low and far they’re willing to go to corrupt our kids.

I’ll leave all of this right here.

I know all of this may come off to some as me being a self-righteous prude, by going against the flow of our overly sexualized culture.

And that’s fine.

I’m willing to wear that label if it means protecting my children (and yours) from the easily child-accessible, flat-out pornography most of us shell out $1̶1̶/̶m̶o̶…make that $13/mo now for access to.

Why do I care so much about this? Well, I could write pages of how dangerous porn-addiction is having been held in its grasp in my distant past:

  • Porn greatly encourages human (including children as young as infants) trafficking, which is more prevalent and proliferating than it’s ever been
  • Porn is misogynistic in nature (women completely disrespected). Watching porn and advocating for women are mutually exclusive practices
  • Porn is addictive causing those watching to want to act out what they see (and again much of it involves children)
  • Porn is destructive and ruins relationships, especially marriages which again hurts the most innocent victims…children

We already all have porn shops in our pockets that many parents in the name of communication and peer pressure place into their kids’ hands.

I feel like a premiere, ubiquitous video streaming service like Netflix, could (and should) want to rise above and at least offer options to protect kids from the smut that they’re peddling, and putting right in their faces.

All I’m asking is this:

Solution: Reason 1

Remove this child-porn immediately. No-brainer.

Solution: Reason 2

For the love of God, if a parent has established parental passwords for movie titles…well then require parental passwords for adult user profiles!

Solution: Reason 3

Again another probably day of engineering could allow an option to turn off auto-play on trailers.

In Closing

Who am I? I’m just one customer. Even though Netflix is in $20,000,000,000 debt for original content, losing one customer over this, means absolutely nothing to them.

But losing even 1,000,000 of their 120,000,000 subscribers might make them do something about this porn problem they are perpetuating and again flinging right into our children’s faces.

That’s why I published this. For this reason only.

If you feel compelled and possibly polarized after reading/seeing this, I encourage you to consider canceling as well, even if only for your kids’ sake.

And when you do, please by all means link to, or cite this article when doing so.

Netflix (apart from the aforementioned), does have incredible content. There’s no doubt about this!

As much as I’m going to miss having access to it, I’m actually looking forward to more “read & chill.”

It’s a lot to ask of a company whose CEO said “their biggest competition is not FX, HBO, or Amazon…but sleep.

But I’m pleading with you Netflix, don’t chill on this. Do something to show you’re not meaning to have your brand perceived like this.

Me, my family (especially my children), and the ever-important next generation, their brains, and their relationships are begging you.


Boy, Netflixxx sure has this insatiable thirst for smut and exploitation content.

Original ‘Mad Man’ David Ogilvy was right when he said, “Sex sells!”, and 20 billion of debt requires a LOT of selling!

As long as Netflix continues to show up in the news validating this truth, I will continue adding to this article.

Here’s the latest, unabashed filth (and cancellation fodder for anyone with children and a clear conscience) for the whole family!



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